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RHEA Smart Home

Ui/Ux, Branding



The Tyler Graphic & Interactive Design Graduate MFA students were tasked to create and design a series of devices under one parent brand for a smart home. The five of us worked together to conduct research, develop the brand, and design the user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) of all of the products in our system. We selected products in the home that most people are already familiar with and aimed to design a cohesive system for them to work together. All of us used our unique skills to develop this friendly and efficient smart home system and brand.

In developing this smart home system, our goal was to create a user experience that was as seamless as possible. We conducted extensive user research which helped us narrowed down our audience to a specific demographic: young professionals who needed to balance their work and personal lives while maintaining self-care. Through numerous surveys and interviews, we examined the pain points that exist between an individual and their at-home devices to identify how to make their experience easier and more user-focused.